Kirito from SAO I

I just completed working on my son’s cosplay as Kirito from Sword Art Online I in time for Halloween.

Kirito inspiration

  I learned a number of new techniques making this costume, including how to get those yards and yards of accent strips done without using/making bias tape. A friend suggested cutting strips of the base material at 1 1/2″ wide, then strips of the accent color at 2 1/2″ wide.  The strips got sewn together, pressing after the first seam, then sewing the second seam, and pressing with a yardstick inside to press only the new seam.  

Yardstick in tube of fabric, used to selectively press 1 seam only

Turned it inside out and pressed again. 

The 2 strips of fabric before sewing, and the finished pressed strip

 Voila!  A lovely strip of black fabric edged in gray on both sides. I made yards of this, then applied it to the front edges, collar, and sleeves of the completed black coat.  More strips were used for the arm bands, “belt”, and the chest piece/harness.

Kirito doesn’t look the happiest I this pic, but he is. The gray looks really bright/light in these pics, but it is actually darker than it appears

The hardest part was making this chest piece/sword harness.  I cut the base of the triad out of medium weight leather we already had at home for another project (Viking shoes!), then stitched the strapping to 2 of the leaflets by hand, using an awl to poke the sewing holes and heavy cotton sewing thread.  The 3rd leaflet had a strap harness (it looks like a flattened figure eight) sewn to it.  This allows the entire piece to be easily removed and tightened as needed.  The leather was covered with craft foam (using hot glue) in layers.  It worked well, and supported the sword and scabbard.  My craftsmanship needs a little refining, but not too bad for the 1st time doing such a thing.

The scabbard was made using poster board, roll

Rear view of the harness and scabbard

ed around the sword a couple of times, and duct taped into a slightly flattened tube, then shaped to fit the tip.  The entire tube was covered with faux leather and the edges hot glued.  I used small strips of the faux leather leather, hot glued onto the scabbard, as straps to wrap around the harness straps.  Velcro strips secure the straps.  Because my son is 9, and I expect the harness, sword and scabbard to get a lot of hard use, I also put Velcro directly onto the harness strap, with it’s mate on the back of the scabbard.  This stops the scabbard from moving down on the harness.  Some not so fancy stitching was used to help shape the harness strapping with the weight of the sword and scabbard on it.  That part will be hidden by the scabbard itself, but it won’t be wearable without the scabbard (unless I undo all of my stitches).  Photos soon, I promise!

Welcome to my new blog

I have had a lot of fun over the past two years, creating Anime costumes/cosplay for my kids.  I started this blog as a way to chronicle my learning and process for myself and anyone who is interested in doing the same.  I will also be posting about historical costuming, mostly medieval.  I am currently obsessed with the Viking age.  Tune in for more!